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african elephats in south africa

Making a Difference: South Africa’s Amazing Wildlife Conservation Projects

When you choose a holiday to South Africa, it’s likely you will encounter some of the country’s amazing animals. There are many ways to discover the South African wild animals, but it’s important to do it in an environment that’s safe for both you and these beautiful creatures. Over the years, animal conservation work has progressed and instead of trying to keep them protected behind fences, the a..

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rovos rail south africa

Two great ways to discover the ‘Big Five’ in South Africa

A safari is undoubtedly one of the main attractions of a South Africa tour experience. The allure of getting within close proximity of the ‘Big Five’ and seeing the likes of the African lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and Cape buffalo with your very own eyes is an exciting thought! But not everyone has the same idea as to what constitutes as their ideal safari experience. For some, it’s about exper..

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wild dolphins in new zealand

Wildlife wonders to look out for in New Zealand

On your escorted holiday to New Zealand you’ll instantly be greeted by its stunning landscapes and picturesque scenery, all of which is uniquely decorated by its native flora and fauna. The fauna in New Zealand have flourished in its generous environments and favourable climate, making a trip to this beautiful land as much a treat for the eyes as it is for the soul. (more…)..

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australia kangaroo

Aussie Wildlife You Won’t Want To Miss!

When it comes to wildlife tours, Australia really is the best place to be, with over 378 types of mammals, 828 types of bird, 4,000 types of fish, 300 types of lizards, 140 types of snake and many more calling the land their home. A lot of animals found in Australia are unique to its land, in fact it’s more than 80 per cent, making most encounters once-in-a-lifetime. So, before you travel down und..

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Kangaroo Island Australia

Walk amongst the wild things at Kangaroo Island

Picture this: sea lions lazing on the beach at one turn, kangaroos hopping through the grasses at another, koalas clambering trees above you and penguins dancing on the shores beyond you… Well, it’s exactly what you can expect to find at Kangaroo Island, Australia. (more…)..

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whale watching in Australia

The Best Spots for Whale Watching in Australia

Around the shores of Australia, whale watching is an experience that ever growing numbers of visitors are engaging in and for good reason. There are numerous locations where you can watch these impressive mammals make their unfathomably long migration along the Australian coastline. (more…)..

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A colour picture of two clown fish in the great barrier reef

Three reasons to visit the Great Barrier Reef

At Distant Journeys we pride ourselves on our Australia tours with Great Barrier Reef Trips included, and we would like tell you why you must visit one of Australia’s incredible natural wonders: Incredible Wildlife The Great Barrier Reef is home to the largest coral reef system in the world, a coral system so huge that it is made up of thousands of reefs and nearly a thousand islands. The marine s..

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A colour picture of a baby lemur and her mother

Adorable baby Lemur is adapting to life at Australian Zoo.

An adorable baby ring-tailed Lemur has been born in an Australian zoo. The female infant, Imerina, named after the ancient kingdom of Madagascar, was born at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo, and is proving to be quite an attraction for staff members and visitors alike. Although she is often found right by her mother’s side, staff at the zoo have said that Imerina has started to explore her sur..

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Wallaby – wildlife you can meet on your Australia holidays with Distant Journeys

Fun facts about the lovable wallaby

One of the main draws of our Australia holidays is the chance to encounter some incredible wildlife, such as kangaroos, koalas, and of course, the lovable wallaby. Before you head down under, get to know these interesting creatures a little better with our wallaby fact file. (more…)..

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New South Wales outback as seen from Distant Journeys tours to Australia

Fossilised bones found to belong to Lightning Claw: Australia’s largest dinosaur

Fossilised bones found in the New South Wales outback some ten years ago have finally been identified as the largest carnivorous dinosaur in Australia, which roamed the land over 100 million years ago. Dubbed Lightning Claw due to its ferocious looking talons, the dinosaur would have been around 7 metres long, and is much larger than the Australovenator found in Queensland at an earlier date, whic..

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