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What to pack for Australia

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Packing for your travels is perhaps the most difficult part of any holiday, with packing for Australia being especially difficult due to the varying climates across the country. If you’re travelling around Australia on an extensive Australia tour to see all of the sights, you’ll need to think of everything from swimwear for a sunny beach day to a raincoat for those days out in the rainforest.


Deciding what to take to Australia needn’t be stressful though – read on for some tips on choosing what to pack. Getting organised before you travel means there’s less chance of over-filling your suitcase with things you don’t really need and will never wear – plus you’ll have some rooms in your suitcase for some souvenirs too!


Start with some research

The very first thing you should do is take a look at the places you will actually be visiting and take it from there. If you’re joining us on one of our tours, you’ll find all the information on this in your itinerary. Once you’ve got your list of destinations, take a look at the weather for the time of year you’ll be visiting, paying special attention to the average temperatures and rainfall; this will be key to deciding what to take. Alice Springs, for instance, can be immensely hot in the summer, but its temperatures fall in the shoulder seasons, so you might want an extra layer of an evening.


Sun protection is vital

This is particularly important during the summer, though we would recommend you’re protected during the surrounding months, too. Australia’s sunshine is much more intense than the UK’s, meaning the sun could do much more damage to our skin during these warmer months. Sun-cream, sunglasses and a hat are all essentials, while during extremely hot days, in the outback especially, you should cover up in breathable clothing to help protect yourself.


woman sitting on Noosa Beach at sunset Australia


Beat the bug bites

Australia’s often warm climate makes flies and mosquitoes an unfortunate fact of life here, which can result in some unwelcome insect bites. These can easily be avoided however with insect repellent, so be sure to pack some bug spray, especially if you plan on spending most of your time outdoors. Spiders are not quite as common a sight, but you should still read up on how to treat spider bites just in case.


Pack with your activities in mind

When packing, you should also think about all the amazing things you’ll be doing on your holiday. Swimwear is a must for a visit to the Great Barrier Reef for example, while if you’re planning on plenty of walking tours, comfortable shoes are definitely necessary. Pack with your activities in mind and you’ll be able to enjoy every aspect of these holiday highlights.


Make a list

As you gather ideas for what to take with you, make a list so nothing is forgotten. Take a look at our list of essentials to pack for your tour to get started, though there may be other things you may need depending on your activities and destinations. There may even be some travel essentials you hadn’t thought of!


Images by Leio McLaren and Josiah Weiss via Unsplash.

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