Your long-awaited holiday is on the horizon. Soon, you’ll be at the other side of the world, exploring some of the most amazing destinations Australia has to offer. But, before you embark on your next tour to Australia, you first need to pack for your trip. To make sure you don’t leave anything you might need behind, we suggest you create a holiday packing list which covers all your travel essentials, from your passport and travel documents to your favourite sunglasses. If you’re unsure where to start, don’t worry. We’ve been lucky enough to journey down under numerous times over the years, so we’ve put together our go-to packing list for Australia to help inspire yours…

Firstly, what’s the weather like?

It may sound obvious to check the weather for your destination, but with Australia having so many varying climates and seasons opposite to the UK’s, it’s worth doing your research. Finding out the average weather trends for the different destinations you’ll be visiting will help you decide what to pack for Australia. Even if you’re visiting Australia during their winter, be sure to pack a high SPF sunscreen – you’ll be needing it!

Clothing packing list for Australia

Even if you aren’t planning to do any hiking while you’re in Australia, we recommend you pack a pair of hiking trousers. There will be many amazing landscapes, vast parklands and stunning trails you may wish to explore during your visit and hiking trousers will ensure that you have something comfortable to wear.

For the warmer days, you’ll be glad to have packed shorts, and for the cooler evenings you might like to add a pair of jeans and a light jacket to your holiday packing list.

Lightweight and breathable shirts and dresses will keep you cool when the Australian sun is at its hottest. And don’t forget your swim shorts or swimsuit so that you can really make the most of any beaches or lagoons you visit.

Of course, if your weather research tells you there may be a chance of rain during your time in Australia, you’ll also want to pop a rain jacket into your suitcase.

Footwear, accessories and toiletries

It’s likely that your tour of Australia will include a lot of walking, so sturdy walking boots or supportive trainers should be top of your Australia packing list. Again, with the amount of walking you will be doing, you will need some comfortable and breathable socks.

For the more leisurely days, a pair of sandals or flip flops will be perfect to wear for strolling around the markets or along the beaches.

As well as the high factor SPF we mentioned before, a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses will help protect you when the sun is at its hottest. Should you want to carry any of these with you on a day trip, you’ll also need a backpack!

On top of your basic toiletries, if you have any prescriptions that you will need to take with you, it’s important to pack enough to last you the duration of your trip. We’d also advise you to bring a doctor’s note and copy of your prescription.


One thing you certainly won’t want to miss off your packing list for Australia is a camera. Your mobile phone and charger, iPad and e-reader might also make your list, which means you’ll need a plug adapter or universal plug too.

Important documents

Finally, when remembering what to pack for Australia, make sure your paperwork is top of your list. You’ll need your passport, boarding passes and flight information to hand. You might also like to keep a copy of your itinerary with you.

Now you know what we consider to be our travel essentials, hopefully you’ll have a good starting point for creating your holiday packing list. Just remember, it’s most important to pack whatever you feel most comfortable wearing to ensure you have the best time on your tour of Australia.