When you’re considering what to pack for Australia, some of the most obvious essentials can easily slip your mind. One way to combat arriving down under without something you need is creating a checklist for travelling to Australia. No doubt you’ll be touring the best places in Australia, so you won’t want to waste precious time searching shops for bits and bobs you could have just brought with you. So to help ensure you won’t have to, we’ve put together a short travel checklist for Australia that features items that you might not have considered.

Wet Wipes

One of our top travel essentials for Australia is the trusty wet wipe. Not only are they small enough to slot into even the fullest of suitcases, but they’re so handy for so many reasons. For example, freshening up after your long haul flight; dusting sand off your feet after a day at the beach; wiping down your walking boots after a trek through the outback; or simply cleaning your hands after toilet trips are just some of the ways they’ll make your life easier when you’re busy exploring.

A Camera

This might seem like an obvious suggestion, but actually, these days so many of us rely on our phones to take photographs, but nothing beats the photographs you can take on a camera. So, if you have a camera, or can invest in one, it’s worth taking one with you to capture all those amazing sights and memories.


Money is essential for any holiday, not just a trip to Australia. But there are many options on how to carry or use your money whilst on holiday, so we thought we’d advise on what we consider to be best on a trip down under. On a touring holiday to Australia, you will be visiting many different places, travelling between destinations and staying at numerous accommodations. So, rather than carrying around lots of money, we’d suggest using a travelcash card. It’s a safer way to keep your money on you at all times and they’re readily available at most travel agents and post offices. Plus, they can be tucked away neatly into your purse or wallet.


If you have any medical conditions that require medication, regularly or irregularly, they’re essential for travelling to Australia as you will not want to find yourself feeling unwell so far from home. Be sure that they’re packed safely and securely in your suitcase, or if you require liquid medication, they will need to comply with airport regulations and be visible to staff through a clear plastic bag during security checks. When it comes to getting through customs, it’s really useful to write a list that details the medication you’re bringing into the country, what it’s for and how often you need to take it. Outside of your personal medication requirements, we recommend mosquito repellent and anti-histamines as two essentials for travelling in Australia. You’ll be grateful for them when you’re trekking through rainforests or the outback.


Baby Powder

The final item on our list of essentials for travelling Australia is baby powder. On a touring holiday to Australia, you will more than likely be doing a lot of sightseeing and adventuring in warm weather. For activities in these conditions, baby powder can prove extremely useful. For example, sprinkling baby powder onto your shoulders and arms can stop the straps of your rucksack or handbag from rubbing against your skin in the heat. If you have a day of hiking or exploring ahead of you, you might want to pop some into your shoes to prevent excess sweat and rubbing whilst you’re walking. A small covering of baby powder can freshen up your hair after a long day too, using it in the same way that you would a dry shampoo.

Hopefully we’ve helped answer the question of what to take when travelling to Australia by providing you with a couple of suggestions you may not have thought of. However, for more packing tips, including our recommendations on travel clothes for Australia, you can simply browse through our other blog posts which have plenty advice.