When you book your tour of Australia or New Zealand, you’ll need to prepare for a long haul flight. It can be a chance to enjoy the inflight entertainment or catch up on some sleep. But if you’re flying long haul for the first time, or haven’t had great experiences previously, we’ve put together five tips to help you make the most of your flight.


  1. Pre-book your seat…

If you are flying to somewhere like Australia or New Zealand from the UK this tip is one you really should follow. Always pre-book your seat. Most airlines charge additional fees for booking your seat, but it is small price to pay for the comfort you receive. Whether you prefer the window seat where you can snuggle into the corner, or an aisle seat with the freedom of open space, the choice is yours. And let’s face it; no one wants to be stuck in the middle of a row between strangers. You can also choose a seat that is closer to an exit, so when you touch down you can make a speedy departure.


  1. Bring travel-sized toiletries… (Limit of 100ml)

Some airlines can be generous and provide a few overnight essentials like wipes and an eye mask, but it is becoming less common. It is amazing though, what a quick freshen up can do halfway through your flight. A wash of the face, a brush of the teeth and roll of deodorant will leave you feeling revitalised, ready to take on the rest of your journey. Check out the hand luggage restrictions here.

  1. Order a different meal…

When the meals are served on a long haul flight, people who have selected a special meal option will receive theirs first. The rest will then be dished out to everyone else. Instead of been forced to wait around, you can make a special selection from a range of different platters before you travel.


  1. Avoid peak times…

This one kind of goes with out saying, but is one of the best tips for international flights. If you avoid peak times you can almost guarantee a more relaxed, spacious and speedier service. There is also the added bonus of your flight been cheaper, so it is always worth speaking to your booking agent to find out when is best to go and they might even give you a few extra travel tips for long haul flights.


  1. Research your airline before you go…

Our final air travel tip for long haul flights is to make sure you research the airline you’re flying with and try to be more flexible on costs. Paying a bit more for things like extra legroom and food quality could really make the world of difference.

It’s amazing how much a little preparation can help change a flight from feeling like a long haul, into a fun part of your holiday. So make sure to refer back to these tips before you book your next trip.