Why visit New Zealand? It’s a question that has a hundred answers thanks to its fascinating culture and traditions, and breath-taking natural beauty. For the locals who live in New Zealand and for its many visitors, it’s simply a paradise that you can never become tired of. No matter how many times you holiday here, you’ll leave with even more reasons to visit New Zealand again in the future. If you’re undecided between holidaying in New Zealand and another destination, or are curious why so many travel to New Zealand, we’ve put together our top four reasons why you should pay this unique country a visit.

Its unique Maori culture

Native New Zealanders are often extremely proud of their heritage, in particular their traditional Maori culture, and rightly so, because it’s truly fascinating to learn about. During a trip to New Zealand, it’s clear to see that the ancient Maori culture is as relevant as ever in modern day life, from the influence it has on the country’s All Blacks rugby team, to the increasing number of locals who are choosing to learn to speak Maori. Spend time here and you may get to join in a hangi (a Maori feast), witness a haka (a traditional Maori war dance) or even switch on a television and find yourself engrossed in Maori TV.

The delicious food and drink

Food and drink may not have always been amongst some of the main reasons to visit New Zealand, but over the years, the country has upped its game in the culinary stakes. For example, the seafood in the South Pacific is exceptional, and the farmers markets are popular amongst locals and tourists alike thanks to its high quality, fresh produce. Of course, the country’s award-winning wineries, producing cool-climate pinot noir and sauvignon blanc, have been a hit for decades, but more recently, New Zealand’s craft beer offering has been enticing more visitors to sample the country’s drinks. If you’d like to treat yourself to tasting the best vinos available, most areas in New Zealand offer wine tasting tours so you can personally experience the true delights of their wonderful wine.

The weather

Opposite seasons to the UK is why many travel to New Zealand in the winter. As our temperatures are lowering and our days are getting shorter and darker, New Zealand is enjoying its summer season. Its location in the southern hemisphere means that you can expect highs of 20-25 Celsius in New Zealand, while we’re wrapping up in gloves and scarfs in the UK. While their summer season is at its best during our winter, the weather in New Zealand is typically warm and dry, often with around 15 hours of sunlight for you to enjoy each day. In fact, even during their winter, temperatures average at around 10-16 Celsius – much higher than UK winter temperatures. Choosing the best time for you to visit New Zealand can depend on the country’s season, so it’s important to do your research on when to book, before you book.

The unique landscapes and scenery

The great outdoors is at its best in New Zealand. When it comes to exploring natural beauty, there’s nothing more you could want from a destination. Its breath-taking scenery includes lush forests, majestic mountains, glistening lakes, golden beaches and enchanting fiords. Plus, its unique position across two tectonic plates means you’ll get to discover incredible volcanoes, deep green valleys, rugged coastlines and stunning glaciers, all in one visit. If you’re a keen walker or hiker, then you’re spoilt for choice as New Zealand is known for nine epic walks, also known as the ‘great walks’ including the Heaphy and Milford Tracks. Of course, if hiking isn’t for you, there are many other ways to explore the scenery, from canoeing to mountain biking.

So, if you were undecided as to whether New Zealand is the right place for you to visit on your next holiday, we hope that we’ve proved that there’s at least four reasons why you won’t be disappointed with this unique and enchanting destination.