The sunsets in Australia are a truly remarkable sight thanks to the country’s majestic landscapes complementing the falling sun. And with so many stunning sights and landmarks to discover on a tour of Australia, you will be spoilt for choice. In fact, each night you will be able to find a new special spot to witness all of the finest sunsets Australia has to offer. But if you happen to be venturing to any of the destinations below, here’s where we’d recommend to watch the sun set.



Our best sunset viewpoint in Sydney has to be from Mrs. Macquarie’s Point. This area, which is named after Governor Macquarie’s wife back in 1810, backs onto the famous Royal Botanic Gardens. Over the years, many of its visitors have enjoyed a picnic at Mrs. Macquarie’s Point as the sun sets behind the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. It really doesn’t get much better than that.



The Great Ocean Road in Victoria is a holiday highlight at any time of day, but you’re in for a real treat if you catch it as the sun begins to set. Along the rugged coastal road are a number of magnificent rock formations, which make for an amazingly unique sight. In the light of day, this is a famous spot for sightseers, but as the orange evening glow takes over the sky, Great Ocean Road becomes even more awe-inspiring. Find out more here.


Northern Territory

Kakadu is an incredible area if you want to experience a sunset in the outback. One of the best viewpoints is Ubirr, where you will find the world’s largest monolith. With incredible panoramic views at every angle, you will be sealed to the spot as you watch the stunning sunset in Kakadu.



Most tourists make their way to the city of Cairns for the Great Barrier Reef. However, close to Cairns is also one of our favourite places to watch the sunset. Kuranda is a quaint village hidden away by a tropical rainforest. To get there it is customary to board the Skyrail Cableway. If you catch it at the right time, you will get a wonderful view of the sunset as you glide over Australia’s natural wonder.


On the go…

When the day draws to end and you find yourself having to journey on, don’t feel like you have to miss out. You can still experience an array of stunning scenes from the window of your vehicle. Whilst planning your trip to Australia, you could even arrange transport that allows you see more. For example, on a train journey through Australia you will find that some services provide special viewing decks, where you can drift along, watching the sun go down.


There are so many wonderful spots across Australia to take in a remarkable sunset, we have just selected a few of our personal favourites. Nonetheless, wherever you may end your day on your amazing Australian adventure, remember to sit back, relax and enjoy the skies down under.