There’s a lot of ground to cover when travelling around Australia. So it’s no surprise that many people incorporate one of Australia’s luxury train journeys into their holiday, with the aim to experience as much of the country’s incredible landscapes as possible.


The Ghan and The Indian Pacific are two of the most famous train journeys in Australia – and two of the best rail tours available. Their superior standard of service, exceptional accommodation and stunning scenic routes set them apart from Australia’s other train journeys to guarantee an experience like no other…

Take your seat on The Ghan


Stretching from Adelaide, through Alice Springs, and all the way north to Darwin, The Ghan will acquaint you with the spectacular sweeping plains of Australia’s Northern Territory and the tropical Top End. Daylight hours are made the most of, with unsurpassed views of the ever-changing landscape from the comfort of the lounge or your own private cabin.

The Ghan Rail Journey Australia

As you cross South Australia, your view will stretch for miles over the sweeping Adelaide Plains, with the majestic Flinders Ranges proudly piercing the skies beyond you. Through Central Australia the earth glows red, contrasting beautifully with the cobalt blue skies above, giving you a taste of the natural beauty found running through the country’s core.


It’s in Alice Springs that you can hop off the train and explore your surroundings further on a range of excursions to the region’s most fascinating sites.


Back on-board, you’re off to discover the Top End. The rugged landscape is taken over by subtropical flora creating a wash of colours as you roll by. Here, The Ghan railway tour will take a break while you discover the delights of Katherine, including the breath-taking Katherine Gorge. It’s then on to your final stop where you’ll disembark in tropical Darwin, the relaxed capital city of Australia’s Northern Territory.

After witnessing so much of Australia’s natural beauty and unique landscapes in one go, you’ll understand why The Ghan is known as one of Australia’s greatest train journeys.

Take your seat on The Indian Pacific


Connecting the cities of Sydney and Perth, east and west, The Indian Pacific winds its way between the Pacific and Indian Oceans. It is Australia’s longest train journey, succeeding in helping you to appreciate the vastness of the country.

Indian Pacific Train Australia

Boarding in downtown Sydney, a climb through the magnificent Blue Mountains is first on the agenda. In the morning you’ll awaken in the mysterious outback at Broken Hill – and to a possible sighting of wild kangaroos and emus. An afternoon break in Adelaide means you can enjoy a leisurely wander around the charming city.


This great rail journey then begins to make its way across the world’s longest stretch of straight railway line (478 km or 297 miles) where it crosses the hot, stark landscape of the Nullarbor Plain. Be sure to look out for native wildlife including dingoes, kangaroo and the wedge-tailed eagle.


After a stop-off in the small community of Cook, you can watch the sun begin to set over the leafy eucalyptus tree-littered landscape back on-board. The final stop before the end of the line is the gold rush town of Kalgoorlie. The following morning, you’ll arrive refreshed in the vibrant city of Perth.



An on-board experience like no other…

Complementing the amazing landscapes and destinations you visit on both The Ghan and The Indian Pacific is the superior level of service and accommodation you’ll experience on-board the trains.


Gold Service is essentially “First Class” and is designed to create an experience of a lifetime. As a Gold Service passenger, you’ll enjoy a private sleeper, either 2-berth ‘twinettes’ for passengers travelling in twos or single-berth ‘roomettes’ for passengers travelling alone. You can also look forward to freshly made beds each day, towels and a complimentary toiletries pack – sometimes it’s the small details that make a big impression.


In Gold Service, all meals in the restaurant and cars are included, and you’re welcome to relax in the lounge, where complimentary tea and coffee is always available. At the bar, many beers and wines are complimentary too.


Wherever you find yourself on either of these amazing trains, you’ll no doubt feel privileged to be surrounded by such spectacular sites outside of your window, as you relax in complete comfort on-board your classic train. It’s little wonder The Ghan and the Indian Pacific are known as not only two of the greatest train journeys in Australia, but also in the world.