Boasting 144 breathtaking islands, it’s clear to see why New Zealand’s Bay of Islands is one of the country’s most popular natural beauties. New Zealand tours with Distant Journeys gives you the chance to discover all the activities that the Bay of Islands has to offer. With so much to explore, you certainly won’t be struggling for things to do. With its endless crystal waters, an obvious place to start is to try your hand at a fantastic range of water activities in the Bay of Islands. So here’s our low down on the top 5 water activities we’d highly recommend:



When people discuss New Zealand’s finest fishing spots, Bay of Islands is a hot topic. A number of different fishing charter boats are available to take advantage of the area’s plentiful fish population. Whether you desire a half day or a full day, there are several packages available with snapper and kingfish fishing the most popular. Some packages even offer overnight accommodation.


If a leisurely view of the Bay of Islands is what you’re after then kayaking is sure to be the perfect activity for you. Suitable for all the family, kayaking gives you the chance to discover the islands up close in your own time. Take the time to enjoy the marine wildlife, mysterious caves and areas steeped in history. A paddle through the Haruru Falls is also essential when kayaking in the Bay of Islands.



No trip to the Bay of Islands can be complete without taking the time to experience one of nature’s finest spectacles – dolphins. Take one of the many tours on offer and make memories to last a lifetime. Get up close and personal and swim with these intelligent creatures or simply marvel at their beauty from a low viewing deck.

dolphin new zealand

Jet Ski

Of course, for those seeking a more invigorating mode of transport, taking in the sights on a jet ski is a fast-paced alternative. Whizz round the 144 islands with a personal guide but make sure you take the time to visit the exhilarating ‘Hole in the Rock’ on your tour.


Waka Canoe Tour

Behind the Bay of Islands’ natural wonders lie traditional stories waiting to be told. The Waka Canoe Tour gives you the chance to unearth traditional tales of the Maori culture, told expertly by native Ngapuhi. Together with your fellow travellers, you will row the impressive Waka Taua through the waters to provide yet another unforgettable moment at the Bay of Islands.


waka canoe tour bay of islands new zealand


If these water adventures are not enough, the Bay of Islands activities list is almost endless! If time allows, be sure to sample the many Bay of Islands cruises, the magical snorkelling and diving spots, and enjoy one of the greatest sailing locations on the planet!


To really make the most of the Bay of Islands one day might not feel enough, which gives you the opportunity to stay in some of the islands’ enchanting villages. Villages not to be missed in the Bay of Islands include: Paihia, Kerikeri, Waitingi and Russell. With this stunning selection of traditional towns and awe-inspiring water activities, you’ll never be left wondering what to do in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand.