Phillip Island is an essential stop-off point on your dream Australia tour holiday. From seals and penguins to koalas and kangaroos, the island offers a generous collection of Australian wildlife. There is also a great choice of other activates like shopping, spas, a track circuit and museums. Oh and did I mention the tour of a Willy Wonka style chocolate factory? So if you’ve been wondering what to do in Phillip Island, you’ll be glad to hear that your options are endless. However, in this blog post we’ve focussed on highlighting the top treats for nature lovers taking a trip to Phillip Island.


The Penguin Parade

You cannot visit Phillip Island without taking in the amazing sight of the penguin parade. With the sun setting on the breath-taking coastline, the sight of Little Penguins (in fact the smallest penguins in the world) returning to their homes is a truly precious experience. To get the best view of the penguin parade on Phillip Island, you have a range of options from innovative underground viewing areas to an exclusive skybox. Though, no matter where you decide to take in the natural wonder, you will not be disappointed.

koala phillip island australia

Koala Conservation Centre

Thanks to the work of the Koala Conservation Centre, the animal synonymous with Australia is alive and well on Phillip Island. There are few places on the planet which allow you to get as up-close and personal with these fascinating creatures as you can here. In amongst the treetops, the magical viewing platforms give you the chance to see the koalas (and their adorable joeys) living as they would in their natural habitat. Be sure to have your camera at the ready!


Seal Rocks

Phillip Island’s Seal Watching Cruises are the best way to get up close to the stunning scenes on Seal Rocks. The tour lasts around two hours and takes you on a voyage along the Northwest coast. With a break for afternoon tea and spectacular views of Australia’s largest fur seal colony just metres away, nature lovers really couldn’t want for more.


The Nobbies

The Nobbies Nature Park is located on the cliff tops providing remarkable coastal views.

With a safe manmade walkway, the Nobbies is suitable for the entire family so your attention can be focused on the magnificent blowholes and the seal rocks in the distance. If you’re visiting in the spring or early summer you may even get to see the adorable Silver Gull chicks.


Phillip Island Area Tour

If you are looking for a Phillip Island day tour, the Phillip Island Area Tour has everything you could ask for. The boutique tour operators ensure they provide custom-made experiences, which are something truly special as you are taken off the track and behind the scenes for an insightful look into island life.


Maru Koala and Animal Park

Finally, the Maru Koala and Animal Park isn’t actually on Phillip Island but it’s likely you will spot it just before you reach the island. The animal park offers a truly intimate experience where you can talk to the staff, pat a koala, feed some friendly kangaroos, and go for a walk with the dingoes. For nature lovers, it’s a stop off you won’t want to miss! Find out more here.


As you can see, finding things to do on Phillip Island isn’t difficult. The difficulty lies in fitting it all in! With natural wonders everywhere you turn, it’s no overstatement deeming the extraordinary Phillip Island a nature lover’s paradise!