Phillip Island is home to the largest little penguin anywhere in the world and watching the daily evening ritual of these delightful creatures emerge from the ocean to their sandy burrows is a spectacle not to be missed.

Departing from Melbourne we travel to Phillip Island, famous for its colony of little (fairy) penguins. As dusk arrives, and with access to the Penguins Plus premium viewing area, we’ll be in the best vantage point to watch the famous nightly Penguin Parade. Penguins spend around 80% of their time at sea, returning to the land to sleep and breed. Each evening, just after dark the penguins’ start to appear from the sea and waddle cautiously from the beach to their burrows to bed down for the night. It’s a spectacular sight to behold.

Following the parade, take time to explore the visitor centre before returning to Melbourne.


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