You’ve booked a holiday to New Zealand, you’ve found the perfect tour and your New Zealand itinerary is all set and ready to go. How could it get any better? Well, if you’re seeking out the premium sights and feeling a little bold, then experiencing New Zealand from the air is the ultimate excursion.


With unbelievably stunning sights in Auckland, Queenstown, Northland, Canterbury, the West Coast and the central North Island, you’ll be spoilt for choice for scenic flights in New Zealand. So whether you want to drift weightlessly through the air in a picturesque hot air balloon, glide along on a relaxing scenic plane ride, or perhaps even an exhilarating helicopter flight, there’s an air excursion for everyone.

The North Island

The North Island is home to some of New Zealand’s more cosmopolitan cities e.g. Auckland and Wellington. However, this doesn’t mean its landscapes aren’t also some the country’s finest. With numerous aviation stations dotted around the island, you’ll soon find yourself aboard some of the best New Zealand helicopter tours, admiring the likes of Lake Taupo, a gigantic crater occupied by crystal clear water, and the fascinating active marine volcano (located on Bay of Plenty over on the White Island). Alternatively, you could take a trip on a New Zealand hot air balloon and drift by the world heritage site, Tongariro National Park, or catch a glimpse of the notorious Mount Doom, perhaps more famously recognised as Mt Ngauruhoe from the Lord of the Rings movie.

The South Island


With the illustrious Sothern Alps, The South Island is any guide’s dream. The endless display of stunning glaciers and lakes means this helicopter ride in New Zealand feels like entering untouched land. And when it comes to helicopter flights, New Zealand knows the score – offering everything from helicopter landings on top of active volcanoes to picnics in the wilderness. Queenstown offers these exclusive tours taking its fortunate sightseers to some of their hidden gems, where they can stop off and compete in some extreme golf or even some high-class wine tasting if a fancy treat matches your taste. The blend of land excursions and airborne explorations means you’ll be experiencing landscapes unseen by many tourists, making your New Zealand tour truly unique.


What next?


Once you’ve experienced the supreme landscapes on a hot air balloon ride, scenic flight or helicopter ride, New Zealand sightseeing won’t ever be the same again. And if you just can’t get enough of these breath-taking views, a trip over the Tasman Sea is in order, because seeing Australia’s outback from the air is another must in our books!


Image by David Wall – Tourism New Zealand