In Sydney, you’re spoilt for choice for fantastic places to dine. But there are certain restaurants that we wouldn’t want you to miss out on due to the incredible views they offer. In front of the Opera House or by the beach, there are many restaurants which boast the sort of views that turn dining with them into an amazing experience. So to help you decide where to eat when you next visit the city, we’ve put together our top restaurants in Sydney with a view you won’t want to miss

Seek out a sea view

Jonah’s Restaurant


On Whale Beach, north of central Sydney and overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Jonah’s Restaurant invites you to enjoy its award-winning cuisine while relaxing out on its Terrace, with the ocean’s waves crashing beneath you. As the restaurant is elevated, it almost makes you feel like you’re actually dining out at sea. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to eat inside, its wide windows ensure there’s no barrier between you and the expansive views of the sea and beach.


Bondi Icebergs

Serving Italian cuisine using the best Australian produce, Bondi Icebergs is a real treat for lovers of Italian food. As you tuck in to your delicious dishes, you’ll be looking out onto both the shores of Bondi beach and the beautiful blue sea. And either before or after you’ve eaten, you can relax beside or take a dip in the seawater lap pool which is part of the restaurant’s outdoor area.

A bite by the beach


The Bathers Pavilion

On the shores of Balmoral Beach you’ll find The Bathers Pavilion. You probably wouldn’t expect to find such an impressive looking building situated on the beach, which is why this restaurant is so unique. Visit at lunchtime and sample its seasonal menu and extensive wine list. Then when you step out afterwards to feel the warm sand under your feet, you’ll soon see why The Bathers Pavilion made it into our top Sydney restaurants with a view.


Doyles on the Beach


Lunch with a view in Sydney doesn’t get better than Doyles on the Beach. Not only is it a favourite haunt for celebrities visiting the area, but its fish and chips have been highly recommended for generations. While you’re sampling the seafood, with the beautiful beach surrounding you, you’ll be looking out onto the city’s spectacular skyline across the harbour.


Looking out onto the landmarks



You’ll find a number of Sydney restaurants with a view of the Opera House and Bridge, but dine at Aria, and they’re quite literally only metres away. This award-winning restaurant has a great spot right on the edge of the harbour and its tables are actually set up in such a way to ensure all guests can make the most of the views from the windows. Of all the harbour view restaurants in Sydney, this is up there with the best.


Opera Kitchen


How does dining on the steps of the Sydney Opera House sound? Opera Kitchen is situated on the lower concourse of this iconic landmark – you physically couldn’t dine any closer! Whether you’re planning on taking a tour of the Opera House, or enjoying a show there, this is the perfect place to eat. Its vibrant atmosphere is made even better by the views of the city, harbour and of course, the Opera House.


360-degree view of Sydney’s skyline


O Bar and Dining


Dining at O Bar and Dining (formerly Summit Restaurant) highlights just how spectacular Sydney really is. At 47 storeys high, you’ll enjoy amazing views of the city below you. Not only that, but while you eat, the circular floor turns slowly but continuously, to treat you to an impressive 360-degree view of the cityscape. Welcome to Sydney dining with a view, at its finest!


Sydney Tower Buffet


For a more relaxed dining experience, try Sydney Tower Buffet. You can sample whatever you wish from a banquet made up of over 50 dishes covering Australian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and Italian cuisine, plus many more. Then take your seat, which will continuously offer a different view of the city below, thanks to the restaurant’s revolving floor. You’re spoilt for choice in every sense!


During all of our luxury tours to Australia, you’ll have lunches and evenings free to pay a visit to any of our top restaurants with a view in Sydney. Just make sure you take your camera with you!