Visiting Australia for the first time? With a wealth of things to discover, it’s important you choose a great tour for first timers – one that offers you ultimate Australia experience.


On your first trip to Australia there are a number of cultural quirks that may come in handy knowing whilst on your travels. From the different climates to the coffee, it’s likely that down under will be somewhat different to your homeland. So, to help you prepare and be aware of what to expect, we have selected some of our top insider tips for visiting Australia for the first time.


The local language…

The first time you travel to Australia, the language barrier may be the last thing on your mind with it being an English speaking country. However, the Aussie slang may seem quite peculiar to start with, but if you follow the general rule of shortening your words and adding ‘o’ at the end, you may be able to get the hang of it. In the meantime, here are a few of our favourites to get you started:

  • Servo – Petrol Station
  • Arvo – Afternoon
  • Chockers – Very Full
  • Togs – Swim Suit
  • Ripper – Really Great
  • Esky – Food Cooler


They don’t all bite…

Australia is renowned for its deadly creepy crawlies and other wild creatures… but it’s not as dangerous at it sounds. It’s highly unlikely you will come across anything deadly as you explore the tourist hotspots. In fact, unless you’re out in the wild rural outback or specifically searching for them, you can rest assured that you’ll be left well alone. If you do want to see some of the country’s native creatures though, there are plenty of nature reserves and zoos to visit.


The coffee is top notch…

If you love your coffee you’re in for a real treat on your first trip to Australia. Similar to the Brits with their tea, Aussies take great pride in their brew and believe a cup of coffee can solve anything. So expect to see many leisurely coffee drinkers and even the children join in, drinking their special ‘babycino’ (a milky alternative).


Don’t go astray in the sea…

The beach rule of ‘swim between the flags’ shouldn’t be ignored in the seas down under. The currents in Australia are particularly powerful, and many of those who find themselves in trouble are tourists who aren’t used to the ways of Australia’s waters. So stay safe and always swim between the flags.


The climate can conquer…

The UV radiation is much stronger in Australia due to the thinned ozone layer, so never underestimate the Australian sun which gets very, very hot during the dry season. If you find yourself relaxing on the beaches’ beautiful golden sands, on the deck of a cruise boat, or even hiking a trail in the outback, be sure to have a high factor sun cream at hand, and keep topping up!


With these trusty tips from the insiders in mind, we hope you’re feeling even better prepared for your trip of a lifetime. But before we go, here’s one final travel tip… remember to pick up a great souvenir from Australia, that will keep the magical memories alive long after you return home.

Image by Holger Detje