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Ride the Indian Pacific railway as part of a Distant Journeys Visions of Australia tour

Enjoy a magical journey aboard the Indian Pacific as part of a Distant Journeys Visions of Australia tour

Home Icon Enjoy a magical journey aboard the Indian Pacific as part of a Distant Journeys Visions of Australia tour

If you’re looking to explore the very best of what the entirety of Australia has to offer in one unforgettable trip, the Distant Journeys Visions of Australia tour may be just what you’re looking for, visiting a huge variety of Australian cities, landmarks and beauty spots across 22 days.

Following a 2-night stopover in either Singapore or Dubai, you’ll get to fall in love with the thriving cities of Melbourne, Alice Springs, Cairns, Sydney and Adelaide, with a number of optional excursions during your stay in these cities enabling you to explore more of Australia. You can visit the penguin parade at Philip Island, take in the scenic coastal views of the Great Ocean Road or enjoy a slice of rainforest life in the Daintree Rainforest.

One of the highlights of the trip, besides visiting some incredible natural wonders such as the Great Barrier Reef and Ayers Rock, is the 25-hour journey aboard the Indian Pacific, one of the world’s greatest railways, taking you from Adelaide through some incredible landscapes and scenery to lively Sydney.

With Distant Journeys you’ll get to ride in comfort aboard the Indian Pacific, with Gold Service providing you with air conditioning, private sleepers, ensuite bathroom facilities and all-inclusive meals and drinks. Your journey will also include a tour of Broken Hill, also known as Silver City, with the train rolling past stunning scenes of lakes, farmland, arid outback and the jaw-dropping cliffs and waterfalls of the Blue Mountains.

Upon your arrival in Sydney you’ll also enjoy one of our fascinating tours of Sydney, bringing you past fantastic landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House, ending in an unparalleled early evening dinner cruise through Sydney Harbour.

Image: Rob Chandler, available under Creative Commons

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