Exploring the world with your other half is an amazing way to travel, especially when you find yourselves amidst some of the most romantic settings New Zealand has to offer. Or if you’re travelling alone, there are plenty of picturesque places for new romances to blossom.

As well as natural beauty spots, there are many romantic places in New Zealand that actually offer activities that are tailored for couples seeking quality time together. If you’d like to add a little romance to your trip, take a look at our rundown of seven of the most romantic places in New Zealand:


  1. Rotorua Mud Bath Spa

The thermal pools in Rotorua are an idyllic place to relax with your partner. This hot geothermal area allows you to indulge in its natural wonder at the therapeutic mud bath spa.


  1. Waitomo Caves

These unusual caves can be a unique and magical way to connect with that special someone. Located near Waitomo on the North Island, you’ll find the caves full of rare and wonderful glow worms that illuminate the caves like stars in the night sky. Many of its visitors take the charming boat ride through the caves to appreciate this natural beauty. Find out more about the caves here.


  1. Queenstown Skydive

If you’re a couple seeking adventure and adrenaline, we’ve found the perfect thing for you. The tandem skydive in Queenstown will definitely get your adrenaline pumping as you descend at a breathtaking 200kph towards the stunning New Zealand landscapes below.


  1. Coromandel Peninsula

In this remarkable part of New Zealand, located east of Auckland, you can unwind at the Hot Water Beach and dine in cool cafes or restaurants. The Hot Water Beach is a fun way to spend some time with your partner. The steamy beach welcomes its visitors to hire out a shovel and dig their own little pool. After the work is done you can soak in the hot pool, looking out at the sea’s calming waves in the distance.


  1. Blanket Bay

Blanket Bay is an alpine escape to a luxury lodge in the Southern Alps. This amazing location is an exceptional opportunity for you and your partner to isolate yourselves from the real world and have some true alone time.


  1. Paihia Bay of Islands

Paihia is one of New Zealand’s many charming villages. From Paihia you overlook the famous Bay of Islands, which you can explore at your leisure. You’re also in walking distance of many great restaurants and spas.


  1. Mount Cook Helicopter Ride and Cruise

The Mount Cook National Park is brimming with romantic opportunities for you and your loved one. The glacier area can be explored in many ways, including a cruise that sails between the majestic glaciers. Whilst the Helicopter ride can take you to great heights as you discover the scenery on another level.


A getaway to New Zealand really is the ultimate experience for any loved-up couple. Or can be a chance to find romance for anyone who’s looking for love. Either way, you’re guaranteed to make beautiful memories that last a lifetime.