New Zealand is a country with a rich and vibrant history that is still present today. Should you be visiting soon, discovering New Zealand’s Maori culture will be a remarkable, eye-opening, but most of all, fun experience. So to make sure you don’t miss out on some of the most enchanting experiences to be had, take a look at our list of top Maori sites in New Zealand and be sure to take note for your trip.

Bay of Islands

The Bay of Islands is unsurprisingly one of the most popular places to visit in New Zealand. This area holds great historical significance to the Maori people, as it was the spot the Waitangi Treaty was signed, sealing the fate between the Maori and Europeans. To really immerse yourself in the Maori way of life, you can enjoy cultural shows, or explore the waters in a Maori canoe, also known as a ‘Waka.’


If you have heard any of the famous Maori folktales, it is likely you will have heard of the iconic city of Rotorua. This a huge place of interest in New Zealand thanks to the quaint Maori villages which you are welcome to spend a night in on many tours of New Zealand, and also the geothermal parks where you can lounge in hot mud baths for a truly relaxing treat.


Located in the north of the North Island, these Maori sites in New Zealand are especially sacred and spiritual. Cape Reinga and Spirits Bay are untouched lands overflowing with stunning scenery to explore, with the coastal walks often a holiday highlight for many of its visitors.

Whanganui National Park

The Whanganui National Park is a popular New Zealand tourist attraction with many explorers seeking discovery in the ancient forest that’s brimming with natural wonders. For example, the spectacular Whanganui River, which runs through the park, was once an essential transport route used by the Maori people.


Should you find yourself on New Zealand’s South Island, make sure you include a visit to Kaikoura in your plans. Here you will discover the many legends from this land that hosts stunning scenes of both mountains and sea. A popular way to experience Maori culture and their fascinating traditions is on the forest tour, where you can discover the different ways the plants were traditionally used by the Maori people.

Franz Josef

Franz Josef is known for its spectacular display of moving glaciers, which we highly recommend you see. While you’re there, you can also enjoy learning about the Maori way of life through demonstrations of their traditional weaponry and by taking part in some of their historic stick games.

There is so much to learn about New Zealand’s incredible history, and there are so many surprising facts about the Maori Culture you can look forward to uncovering on your journey. So, when the time comes to pay a visit, awaken your inner culture vulture and get ready to immerse yourself into the remarkable world of the Maori people.