As part of the Australia escorted tours offered by Distant Journeys, you’ll be able to enjoy a fantastic sightseeing tour of Sydney, taking in all of the city’s wonderful sights and landmarks, including the famous Mrs Macquarie’s Chair.

Also known as Lady Macquarie’s Chair, Mrs Macquarie’s Chair is an exposed sandstone rock, which was carved into a bench in 1810 by convicts for the wife of Governor Macquarie, Elizabeth. Elizabeth was known to visit the area, where she would enjoy the panoramic views of the harbour, watching the British ships arriving and departing, and so her husband decided to have the stone structure placed there for her benefit.

Above the chair, there is also a stone inscription referring to Mrs Macquarie’s Road, which historically connected Mrs Macquarie’s Chair to the original Government House (now the Museum of Sydney). Today, the road no longer exists, and all that remains is a culvert over which the road ran.

Situated on Mrs Macquarie’s Peninsula, the chair overlooks the harbour, and is directly east of the Opera House. In the distance, you’ll also be able to spot the Harbour Bridge, Kirribilli House and the Navy dockyards at Wooloomooloo. With so much to see and such stunning views of the harbour, it’s no surprise that Mrs Macquarie’s Chair is still enjoyed by thousands of tourists and Sydney-siders every year.

Image: Graeme Churchard, available under Creative Commons