The Indonesian island of Bali is renowned not only for its beauty but also for its ancient temples. Tirta Empul temple is among the most famous, its waters said to be holy, attracting thousands of visitors a year who come to make offerings, pray to the gods, and be cleansed by the holy water. During your stopover in Bali, you can add this optional excursion to your itinerary and enjoy a very spiritual experience with this Tirta Empul temple tour.

Door-to-door transfers are included in the Tirta Empul tour, so you don’t even need to worry about getting there. Be sure to bring with you a sarong, a towel and a change of clothes, as part of the purification ceremony will involve getting into the water. Upon arrival at the beautiful Tirta Empul, which dates back to the 9th century, you’ll change into your sarong, or alternatively, the authentic Balinese Hindu sarongs provided, ready for the Hindu rituals and purification ceremony.

Before you can discover the powers of the holy water, you’ll be asked to make some ritual offerings (provided by the tour guide) and to take part in some prayers. With these prayers, we ask the gods to allow and bless us to enter the holy waters. We then enter the famed holy waters to take part in the purification ceremony. Here your guide will explain the powers of the sacred springs, and take you step-by-step through the processes that will bring spiritual energy into your body and cleanse out the negativity. It’s also the perfect way to gain a deeper understanding of Bali’s fascinating culture and rituals.

Feeling revitalised and rejuvenated after your purifying ceremony in Tirta Empul’s healing waters, we change into dry clothes and join our guide once again in prayer, this time giving thanks to the gods for blessing us with their holy water. It’s then possible to bottle up some of the holy water for yourself to take home: a souvenir you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

We then enjoy a light Indonesian lunch on site, with the Tirta Empul temple and the springs serving as a wonderful backdrop. The meal is blessed by a local priest before we eat, offering thanks to the gods for our food. After a delicious lunch, you’ll be transferred back to your hotel, free to enjoy the rest of your day in beautiful Bali as you’d like.


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