• Tasting Hida Beef

Tour Description:
Hida-Gyu is beef from black-haired Japanese cattle bred in Gifu prefecture, where Takayama is located. Hida-Gyu is renowned as one of the finest quality meats in Japan, and a speciality of the area. The family-run restaurant is housed in a renovated Kominka; a traditional Japanese house built of wood and with a thatched roof. You will be warmly welcomed and treated to a wonderful meal at the restaurant.

The menu includes a Hida Beef BBQ with vegetables, appetisers, rice, and dessert. You will grill your beef yourself so you can enjoy it rare, medium or well-done, just as you like!  A vegetarian option is also available. The restaurant also offers a variety of Hida Japanese sake (rice wine) which perfectly matches Hida-Gyu. Kanpai!

What’s Included:

  • Appetizers
  • Hida Beef BBQ with vegetables and rice
  • Dessert

Please note:

  • Vegetarian option is available
  • All Freedom Day descriptions represent a typical itinerary and may not operate exactly as described. Local operators may vary from time to time.

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