• Ranthambore Fort

Tour Description:
Ranthambore Fort is situated within Ranthambore National Park which is a popular tiger reserve and was a hunting ground for Maharajas of Jaipur dynasty. The fort stands tall on the top of a hill overlooking the entire park. It is surrounded by Vindhyas and Aravallis. The fort which is now a tourist attraction has a lot of historical significance for being the paragon of power for defending the Rajput territory from the attacks of foreign invaders. The well-planned structure of the fort was a major obstacle for the invaders. The majestic fort is believed to be built during 8th century by Chauhan ruler and it spreads over an area of 7 kilometres. The fort is known for its grandeur as it is surrounded by huge walls made up of stone which are about 7 km in length. Many parts of the forests have been destroyed by the effects of wars but still there are many buildings that continue to stand tall.

The fort also has some religious significance as there are temples and mosques located within the fort that attract a number of devotees to seek blessings and the main attraction is Ganesh Temple. The fort is divided into two parts. The western section consists of the temples and holy structures while the eastern section is a wide area where number of species, birds, leopards, fishing cats can be spotted.

What’s Included:

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