Posted 25 March at 13.30

As of 23.59 on the 25th March, New Zealand will enter Alter Level 4 of their coronavirus plan, and all our customers currently in New Zealand have been advised of the added restrictions on movement and the need to follow government guidelines to remain safe.

The official government update can be found in this link

You may also find this link from the New Zealand Herald offers some useful guidance.

Some of the key point on level 4 are:-

–     People can still go for a walk or exercise and enjoy nature, but must keep a 2m distance from people at all times.

–     Medicines will always be available, healthcare for those that need it will be available, and usual financial support, like benefits, will continue as normal.

–     All actions must be solitary, and people should only spend time with those they are in self-isolation with, and keep distance from all others at all times.

–     Public transport will only be available for those working in essential services, for medical reasons, and to get to the supermarket.

–     If you are concerned about any Covid-19 symptoms you are experiencing, please contact Healthline (for free) on 0800 358 5453, or contact your doctor.

As the added restrictions come into place just before midnight on the 25th, we have recommend all our customers visit the nearby shopping facilities within the airport shopping centre during the day to purchase any food items, prescriptions or pharmaceuticals they may need.