Mantra Koodam is a gorgeous riverside lodge located in the picturesque Veppathur village of Kumbakonam – known as ‘the town of 5,000 temples.’ This stunning resort is an ode to the region’s rich history and culture, taking guests on a journey through time, nature and traditional Tamil Panniyar and Brahmin ways of living as soon as they arrive at the 15-acre property.

Your Stay
The resort features exquisite guest rooms with elegant furnishings and authentic local décor. Modelled after ancient Tamil illams, the teak doors and beautiful courtyards exude bring out the pastoral warmth and comfort of the region alongside the regal grandeur of its past. After a day of exploring, guests can relax in the refreshing the pool or enjoy a blissful tea and hot snack at the refreshment point, based on the style of the region’s traditional tea shops. The resort also offers top-notch amenities and services.

Dining Options
Every dish on the menu carries on local traditions passed down through generations. Mantra Koodam keeps traditional flavours and dishes of Cholanadu cuisine alive, using a creative blend of spices and predominantly vegetarian ingredients. There’s even the opportunity for guests to learn the traditional cooking techniques through engaging cooking classes.

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