Udawattakele was originally a pleasure garden used by the royals of Kandy, but today it is an abundant, lush rainforest and a birder’s paradise. Our trek, led by an experienced and enthusiastic guide, will give us a valuable insight into the forest, the fauna and the flora around us.

As Kandy has a temperate climate, the forest has a plethora of bird species from both wet and dry zones. Some of the rarer species include the Layard’s Parakeet, the Yellow-fronted Barbet or even the Crimson-backed Flameback, a type of woodpecker unique to Sri Lanka. More frequently spotted residents of Udawattakele include the Little Cormorant, the White-bellied Sea Eagle, the Common Kingfisher and the Yellow-browed Bulbul.

There are also around 460 plant species in this forest, which makes it an important site for botanists and researchers as well as those who take a keen interest in the subject. Examples of the forest’s unique flora are Peru Balsam, Mahogany and Devil’s Ivy, also known as Ceylon Creeper, which grows up the trunks of large trees, happily living in deep shade.

This wonderful excursion is a treat for ornithologists, naturalists and any other lovers of the great outdoors.


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