• Learning about Kanazawa’s traditional crafts
  • Kagayuzen Kimono centre

Tour Description:
You will learn about two of Kanazawa’s traditional crafts on this fascinating afternoon tour. Kutani pottery is a style of Japanese porcelain made locally, using a technique which dates from 1655. You will visit a craftsman and their workshop, and see the production process from forming, biscuit firing, glazing, glost firing to overglaze painting. Choose your favourite ones to give as unique souvenirs to your family and friends.

You will also visit the Kagayuzen Kimono Centre. The history of Kaga Yuzen dyeing dates back 500 years and uses five basic colours; indigo, crimson, ochre, dark green and royal purple, and the kimono designs depict beautiful elements of nature such as flowers, birds and landscapes. Even now, skilled craftsmen dye each kimono design by hand. You will learn about the history of Kagayuzen and the dyeing methods, see some beautiful displays and even try some handkerchief dyeing yourself.

What’s Included:

  • Visit to Kutani ware kiln
  • Handkerchief dyeing experience

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