Nestled in lush Chinese countryside, the charming town of Yangshuo sits on the banks of the tranquil Yulong River, and is famous for its surrounding landscapes punctuated by huge karst mountains. Its flat terrain and incredible sights make Yangshuo the perfect place to explore by bike. Head out on two wheels on a Yangshuo bike tour to discover the Yangshuo mountains and countryside in all their glory. During your time in Yangshuo on our tours of China, this Yangshuo cycling tour can be added on as an optional excursion.

After being matched up with a well-maintained bike that’s right for you, you’ll head out of Yangshuo town and immerse yourself in the beautiful Chinese countryside. Within minutes, you’ll be cycling along the banks of the Yulong River, which feeds into the much larger Li River. The emerald waters of the Yulong River stretch as far as the eye can see, surrounded by gorgeous Yangshuo countryside.

As well as following the river on quiet riverside tracks, you’ll also follow small tracks and trails deep into the countryside to explore the local villages and get a real glimpse into rural life in China. These small and quaint villages have their land at the heart of their livelihoods, and you’ll see traditional practices contrast with modern ways of life. Mechanised ploughs and machinery can be seen alongside hand planting, motorcycles alongside water buffalo, and farms diversifying away from just rice paddies to include bountiful fruit orchards too. Connecting the villages to each other are a series of ancient arched bridges criss-crossing the river, dating back to the Qing dyansty.

During your Yangshuo cycling tour, you’ll also get to see several of what Yangshuo is famous for: its spectacular karst mountains. Many of these are only accessible by bike or on foot, so this tour is perfect for a spot of Yangshuo sightseeing, going beyond where motor vehicles can get to. Made of soluble bedrocks such as limestone and dolomite from a former seabed and millions of years of erosion, these vast rocky pyramids, carpeted in foliage, are scattered across the countryside. Reflecting on the waters of the Yulong River, they offer a picture-perfect vista that can’t be seen anywhere else in the world. Along the way, you’ll also be shown some of the best viewpoints in the area, from where you’ll enjoy sweeping views over the whole valley, taking in the karst mountains, the river and miles of rolling countryside.

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