More than a place to sleep, a stay in a Ryokan offers an opportunity to delve into more traditional Japanese culture, experiencing lifestyle and hospitality.


What you can expect at a Ryokan

In a typical Ryokan guest room, you will first enter the ‘agari-kamachi’, a small area for guests to take off their shoes, before opening the ‘shoji’ sliding paper doors, which lead into the main room of the Ryokan. the floors are made up of ‘tatami’, a type of reed floor matting that is easily scratched due to its delicate composition, so walking around the room barefoot is often expected of a guest. Low wooden tables offer a traditional dining experience sitting on a ‘zabuton’ cushion on the floor.

Ryokans do not have central heating, and in the winter months the room will be heated by a portable heater (kerosene, gas, or electric), in keeping with traditional ways of heating. Similarly, in summer your room may have an air conditioning unit, but it is not guaranteed.


Experience a Ryokan room for yourself

A Ryokan stay is available on our Very Best of Japan tour as an optional extra, with prices from £95 per person, inclusive of dinner. Find out more about our Very Best of Japan tour here