Go behind the scenes of some of the best-loved movies in history with this tour of the Weta Workshop near Wellington, a studio famous for creating some of the movie industry’s most famous costumes, props, special effects and much more. Their creations have featured in much-loved franchises including Lord of the Rings, the Chronicles of Narnia and the Marvel series. An optional excursion on our Best of New Zealand tour with Distant Journeys, the Weta Workshop tour in Wellington is not to be missed for film buffs.

Departing from central Wellington, a dedicated shuttle bus will bring you to the Weta Cave Workshop studios, pointing out places and landmarks in and around Wellington along the way that have also featured in the movies.

Once you’ve arrived at the Weta Workshop, you’ll be given a 45-minute guided tour around a converted area of the Weta Workshop, where a whole variety of props, costumes, weapons and vehicles crafted by the studio are on display, including pieces from Avatar, The Hobbit, Ghost in the Shell and Blade Runner 2049. On the tour stage you’ll also get to see the crew at work, with a Weta Workshop giving you insights into the creative process and the work that goes into all of their amazingly realistic pieces. You can also try using some of the tools of the trade in Manufacture Alley.

This Weta Workshop tour also includes priority access to a documentary screening in the Weta Cave. Learn all about the history of the Weta Group with this documentary, with the workshop’s co-founders, Richard Taylor and Peter Jackson, recounting how the studio has grown over the past three decades.

If you’re after some movie merchandise to take home, be sure to pay a visit to the Weta Cave shop during your time at the Weta Workshop too. There are a whole host of movie collectibles and items designed by the Weta Workshop available for purchase: the perfect souvenir to bring home. You’ll also find some great photo opportunities here in the Cave Shop, where you can get some photos with a series of life-sized sculptures. There is also a mini museum here in the shop, showcasing a mini treasure trove of even more movie exhibits.

After your visit to the Weta Workshop, the shuttle bus will bring you back to central Wellington, ready for you to enjoy the rest of the day in New Zealand’s capital city.