Posted 25 March at 14.00

Ways in which you can help Distant Journeys

Our number one priority is to arrange the safe return of all passengers currently in New Zealand as quickly as possible. As you may have seen, travel from Australasia using normal flights carriers and routings has become impossible, as governments close their borders to passengers in transit and airlines ground their aircraft.

Although we are still working hard with our airline partners to find a solution, under the circumstances our focus has also turned to lobbying the government through the British Consulate in the UK and the High Commission in New Zealand, to repatriate our customers as soon as possible.

All customers have been provided with information on how to register with the High Commission, so they are on the government list of passengers requiring re-patriation. However, we are trying to make a concerted effort to get the government to act as soon as possible in arranging flights.

We have contacted our local MPs to raise the issue and urge them to raise the appropriate questions in parliament. In addition, we have emailed Dominic Raab to appeal to him directly.

One way in which you can help is to contact your local MP and explain the situation that your family / friends are currently in New Zealand and unable to return home due to the border restrictions and grounding of airlines. Please request they raise this as a matter of urgency with the government, so British Citizens in New Zealand may be returned home at the earliest possible opportunity.

To find your local MP, along with their contact details, please follow the link below and enter your postcode.