Posted 25 March at 14.30

Like the UK, New Zealand has entered a period of self-isolation. Over recent days there have been several newspaper articles and social media posts with creative ideas for keeping yourself fit, healthy and entertained during this period. Distant Journeys team has been pulling our ideas together, which we have sent to all our customers in New Zealand.

Family and friends can certainly help by staying in touch through Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom or similar to make video calls. Guests have access to WiFi so this is by far the most economical way.

We have arranged a complimentary subscription to the Daily Telegraph for all our customers, and made suggestions on obtaining free trials for audio books and TV streaming services (with a reminder to cancel the subscription before charges kick in).

We’ve also sent a link to free west end musical shows, ideas on accessing crossword, sudoku and other online puzzles.

Walking is still allowed, with similar distancing guidelines to those we are have in the UK, so weather permitting, there are still opportunities to stretch the legs.

We will continue to send ideas, but as you know your family / friends best, if you have any ideas, we’re sure they will be very well received in New Zealand.