• Talking to the women of Sadhna

Tour Description:
Sadhna is a social enterprise established in 1988 to provide alternative means of livelihood for women in Udaipur’s rural and impoverished areas. Starting with just a small group of 15 women, it has grown to a large family of 714 women artisans, who create exquisite traditional handicrafts.

We will visit the women of Sadhna in the village temple of Delwara, and chat to them over a cup of tea. We’ll learn how the project has empowered the women and helped provide them with an income and a status otherwise denied to people of their status, and they will be proud to show us their work, among them saris, kurtas and soft furnishings. This will be a fascinating and heart-warming excursion.

What’s Included:

  • Local Guide

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