A bhikkuni is a female Buddhist monk, and this tour takes us to a monastery on the outskirts of Kandy where our host will teach us about the history of Buddhist nuns starting with the first one; Mahapajapati Gotami. She was the stepmother of Buddha and the first woman to seek ordination for women, which at the time was unheard of, as women were not regarded as equal to men.

You will be taken through the meditation halls and beautiful gardens, visit the stupa and the Bodhi tree; a sacred fig tree grown from a cutting of the original tree, under which Buddha sat as he attained enlightenment. Afterwards you will meet and talk to a bhikkuni who will tell us about her ordained life. This tour is ideal for those wanting to learn about the core principles of Buddhism and its history within Sri Lanka.
Please note: When entering temples and other sacred places it is required to cover shoulders and knees, and shoes may need to be removed.


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