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Chinese Kung-Fu show in Beijing

Behold the ancient Chinese martial art of Kung Fu with this amazing Chinese Kung Fu show, hosted at the Red Theatre in Beijing. The Legend of Kung Fu Show first debuted in 2004, and features not only Kung Fu but also a variety of other Chinese martial arts, acrobatics and traditional and modern dance. It’s an optional excursion that can be added on to our Very Best of China tour, and offers the perfect evening entertainment while you are in Beijing.

This world-class Kung Fu show has won multiple awards since its debut, and is a true spectacular performed by the China Heaven Creation International Performing Arts Co, who have brought together the very best Kung Fu practitioners, acrobats and dancers from all over China. Many of the performers are extremely talented for their age – the average age of the performers is just 17!

Sit back and enjoy an 80-minute masterpiece, taking in all of the movement and colour happening in front of you. This Chinese Kung Fu show tells the story of a young boy who one day dreams of becoming a Kung Fu master, and his journey to enlightenment. The boy takes the path of becoming a monk, overcoming obstacles both in his mind and the world around him to reach true Kung Fu mastery. There is no speech at all in the performance, with the performers’ illustrative dance, acrobatics and martial arts telling most of the story alongside the traditional music; some text is also shown above the stage as the show progresses, giving more background on the story and the characters. Split into six masterful performances, you’ll be dazzled by the performers’ sky-high leaps, lightning-fast Kung-Fu kicks and heart-stopping stunts. With everything from boxing-style Kung Fu to contortion featured in the show, prepare to be truly impressed by the sheer skill and talent on display.

Hotel pick-up and drop-off are also included, so there’s no need to worry about navigating your way around Beijing and finding the Red Theatre. Just sit back and enjoy the show!

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RMB 280 / GBP £33


approx. 4 hours

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