If it’s time to decide where to go on your next holiday and you’re looking for a little destination inspiration, we’d highly recommend you take a look at a South Africa tour. With incredible Safari experiences, unbelievably stunning nature reserves, fantastic food and wines, and an array of diverse cities on offer, we guarantee it’s the kind of holiday you’ll never forget.


In our opinion, a true highlight of a tour to South Africa is exploring Cape Town. Located on the South African coast, it’s a remarkable city unlike any other on the planet, with so much to discover. So, if you do decide to enjoy a spectacular holiday to South Africa and visit this captivating city, we’ve put together a quick run down of 10 of the best things to see in and around Cape Town.


  1. Table Mountain National Park


So what to see in Cape Town? Well, if you love sightseeing, Cape Town plays host to some seriously stunning views. The renowned flat-topped Table Mountain delivers the grandest views of Cape Town and Table Bay, and guess what? You can glide blissfully to the top without even breaking a sweat. The 1,086m summit is reachable by foot or bike for the more adventurous type, however for more relaxed travellers wanting to just embrace the beauty of the land, a cable car can take you to the top, providing an amazing bird’s eye view along the way.


  1. Cape Point Nature Reserve


Described as ‘the most beautiful place on earth,’ this breath-taking national park is certainly worthy of making our list of top things to do in Cape Town. Just one hour away from central Cape Town, this peaceful park is home to an array of birds and game. On top of this, if you visit in South Africa’s spring, you may even be lucky enough to spot a whale close to shore.


  1. Lions Head


Lions Head has made the list because it’s one of the easier hikes in Cape Town, yet still rewards you with some pretty spectacular views. Located between Signal Hill and Table Mountain, the 669m summit looks across the coastal city and appears even more magical at night. Many visitors even try and plan their trip to coincide with a full moon.


  1. District Six Museum


When sightseeing in Cape Town, if you’re looking to learn about the country’s important cultural history, then a visit to the District Six Museum is a must. District Six was founded in 1867 as a community of freed slaves, immigrants, labourers and merchants. In 1966 the apartheid government suddenly declared the district a ‘white only’ zone, destroying the lives of many. This is a truly eye opening experience, that will add great authenticity to your explorations.



  1. The Twelve Apostles


The Twelve Apostles mountain range is potentially one of Cape Town’s most distinctive landmarks. These exquisite peaks have coined their name for having twelve very defined points, however many have counted more amongst the landscape. Countless visitors catch the view as they pass by on the highway, only to later regret not taking a moment to embrace this natural beauty. So make sure you stop to take in this awe-inspiring view.



  1. Old Biscuit Mill


The Old Biscuit Mill hosts potentially one of the greatest markets you will ever visit (particularly for you food enthusiasts). At the Biscuit Mill you find the work of South Africa’s most gifted connoisseurs of food, as well as innovative artists, designers and photographers. With its inspirational line up, you’ll no doubt want to pick up a couple of treats to take home.


  1. Robben Island


Out of all the places to visit in Cape Town, Robben Island may be the most momentous. Here you will find the prison that held Nelson Mandela for 18 of the 24 years he was imprisoned, before the fall of apartheid. Robben Island is an emotional journey following South Africa’s struggle through apartheid, and is even more enlightening when former prisoners take you on a guided tour.


  1. Signal Hill


Cape Town is a sight seeing haven surrounded by natural wonders and Signal Hill is certainly one of the best. Locals and tourists sought out Signal Hill and unofficially deemed it the ultimate spot to see the sun set. If you get there at just the right time you can watch as the sun goes down over Table Mountain.


  1. Clifton Beaches


The four Clifton Beaches are some of South Africa’s finest. The golden sand and clear blue sea create a utopian setting, and with grand views of Table Mountain and The Twelve Apostles, you couldn’t ask for a more picturesque landscape to look out onto.


  1. Victoria and Alfred Waterfront


The Victoria and Alfred waterfront is possibly one of the most typical tourist locations on our list. It is a fun, bustling spot with amazing restaurants, bars and shops galore. So if you fancy treating yourself to a classic holiday style relaxation day, put aside some time and visit the waterfront.
Image by Daniel Manners via Flickr