Service :+

Service rating : I could recommend them (and do) and will probably purchase another holiday in the future. The office staff were mainly helpful but there were one or two occasions, particularly when discussing the additional trips, when their knowledge was limited. Overall, the service was good.
Product : We thoroughly enjoyed our India experience and it has left us with lasting memories. Go with the flow was the mantra and indeed we had to! The Indian culture means things did not go to plan on occasion. However, mainly plans worked and we experienced the best of this beautiful, yet complex country. Perhaps because of our age, we did feel the pace was rushed! Another night in the hotels were we stayed for 2 nights would have been greatly appreciated. I know this would be more costly but in Agra, Lucknow and Varanasi we didn’t even see the swimming pool at the hotel. Just an observation, but sometimes we felt Creative Travel did not represent the values that Distant Journeys promote. The handling of the Farzi Cafe trip was a classic example. It wasn’t until we got home that common sense prevailed and we received a refund for this particular trip.

On 08-Apr-2019 the supplier responded:
Thank you for your feedback, and we're very pleased you enjoyed your India tour overall, We're sorry the Farzi Cafe trip was a disappointment, but glad we were able to arrange your refund once you arrived home. Best wishes.

Service :++

Service rating : Pleasant well informed staff .
Product : Well organised and great places we visited.
Will send photo later. Great tour guide. Comfortable coaches and driver.

On 21-Mar-2019 the supplier responded:
Thank you for your review - your kind comments are much appreciated. We are glad you enjoyed your tour of India!

Service :+

Service rating : Headquarters generally well organised and helpful but info re money exchange in country wrong.
Product : In country organisation generally good but scheduling changes at Varanasi meant we personally missed part of the tour. Not enough info about country while on tour. Hotels generally good but Lucknow hotel very poor until group pressure resulted in a change to a more suitable hotel.

On 18-Mar-2019 the supplier responded:
Thank you for your comments. We do appreciate you taking the time to give us feedback.

On 02-Apr-2019 the supplier responded:
Thank you for your feedback - on this occasion, the hotel we use in Lucknow regrettably was not up to the required standard. We have subsequently changed hotels in Lucknow and will no longer be using the one you were due to stay at.

Service :+

Service rating : Staff were very helpful as always. However there was gaps in the knowledge that we required once in India i.e. access to ATM's, problems experienced on the Lucknow to Varanasi journey.
Product : There were problems with the hotel in Lucknow which the Tour manager was aware of as he had just undertaken back to back trips.

On 16-Mar-2019 the supplier responded:
Thank you for your feedback, and we are pleased you found our staff helpful.

Service :+

Well organised. As we expected having been on previous holidays.

On 16-Mar-2019 the supplier responded:
Thank you for your lovely comments. We are so glad you enjoyed India and we really appreciate you taking time to write a review.

Service :++

Service rating : This is the second holiday we have used distant journeys. The support from the office is excellent.
Product : An excellent introduction to India , it’s amazing colours, smells, noise and sights. The local guide travelled with us and gave us excellent insight into the history, culture and modern life in India. The tour manager dealt with the logistics of the holiday. At times they both wanted to be in charge!! . Worth the amount of coach travel involved. Very good hotels with the exception of Lucknow where Distant Journeys moved the entire party and resolved local issues and offered a complimentary meal at the new hotel. We chose to have vegetarian food which we enjoyed. It gave us a flavour of India without being overwhelming. We had an amazing time with very good company and could not have done it without Distant Journeys.

On 16-Mar-2019 the supplier responded:
That's so kind of you - thank you for your wonderful review. We're very pleased you enjoyed India and that we were able to resolve the issues in Lucknow. Best wishes.

Service :+

Service rating : Wonderful brochure giving full details of all trips available. Excellent customer service over the phone whilst we were going through the booking process. Also great service before we left as we got a very nice courtesy call from Distant Journeys before we left just to check everything was in order. We liked that!
Product : Although the whole trip was excellent - we felt it was quite tiring due to some early morning starts and long coach journeys. Perhaps the itinerary was too busy. We felt we didn’t get enough free time to enjoy the lovely hotels we stayed in - After all we are on holiday!

On 14-Mar-2019 the supplier responded:
Thank you so much for your kind comments and positive review - we are delighted you enjoyed your tour of India and glad that you appreciated our pre-tour call as well. Best wishes.

Service :++

Service rating : Top rate. Responded promptly to email and telephone questions. No issues with the office at all.
Product : Excellent program of tours and events, but some of the optional extras were not. One of these should have been cancelled as there were just two couples taking it (I understand another was just one couple on their own). It appeared that the restaurant was not actually expecting us and we were the only ones there in acold empmty room. Additional meals were OK but we could have done better staying with the crowd. A bit over priced.
The local guides were excellent but the same could not be said with their organisation which was haphazard. We did not appreciate being taken to a 'carpet factory' where the sole purpose appeared to be to get us to purchase expensive carpets so that the guide could get a back-hander.
Nevertheless, the whole experience of our first time in Idia was very good and we would certainly like to go again (knowing what we know now).

On 05-Mar-2019 the supplier responded:
It's very good to hear that you had an enjoyable holiday with Distant Journeys and that the itinerary meant you could experience so much of this fantastic country. Our team in the office are very pleased to have been able to assist with your queries prior to your holiday.

On 07-Mar-2019 the customer added:
Regarding the holiday itself, this was only the second time Distant Journeys had run this particular trip and there were still some rough edges to be addressed. Some of these were related to the understandings between the local Indian agents and the UK. Particularly disappointing were the 'extra' evening meals which were supposed to be something special. One couple found themselves as the ONLY people on that particular event; the second one were only that same couple and ourselves in an otherwise empty restaurant which appeared not to be expecting us! In my view, both of these should have been cancelled as the experience was not really worth the money. I understand from conversations at the time, others had disappointing experiences with similar extra meals too.
Another uncomfortable factor was a visit to a carpet factory which turned out to be a hard sell Kashmir outlet shop.
However, overall, the Tour Manager and the local Indian guide, who accompanied us throughout the visit, were excellent and both worked very hard to make it an unforgettable experience. We would ce4rtainly try to go back to India again
One final word of caution - "Dehli belly" is unavoidable. Do not rely on UK medication, it does not really work. Much better to spend a few pounds on a local doctor with access to specific medication. It is not just the water to be careful of, but handling the bank notes which are the main transmitter of bacteria.

See this exchange on Feefo
Service :+

Service rating : Hotels usually a good standard
Tour Manager and guides helpful friendly and willing to go that extra mile to make your holiday
Product : Food at many of the hotels not warm enough even when we were down to breakfast at start of service it was Luke warm I feel it was the cause of upset stomach
Most of the hotels were lovely
Some of the Heritage hotels not so good and rooms were certainly not the ones pictured
If we’d all complained there would not have been enough rooms to be upgraded to
Best food was Olive bar and kitchenin Delhi, hot and served well the rest of complimentary lunches and dinners average and again not hot even the meal at the Amber Fort
Lunch on day 10 at Laxmi Niwas Palce was an experience not to be repeated over crowded with coaches of people and cold food
The freedom day optional extras were not good value for money,even accounting for travel did not last the time stipulated
It was an experience to see the sights and sounds of India,pleasant company and excellent tour manager made it an experience not easily forgotten

On 25-Feb-2019 the supplier responded:
I will be sure to pass your comments back to our partners in India and to your Tour manager, all of whom we are sure will be pleased to hear you positive comments.

Service :++

Service rating : Good communication at all time,questions always answered.
Product : Very busy holiday but very well planned